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Benchmark object tracking software for 2D and 3D applications, such as biological imaging, rheology, or single molecule imaging. Reliably follow and characterize hundreds of objects simultaneously with a precision that reaches 0.01 pixels (depending on data). DiaTrack provides a compelling set of tools to extract quantitative information from image sequences. See for yourself!

Demo (Flash animation)

DiaTrack 3.04 release: This new version brings dramatic improvements in terms of speed and interoperability. It introduces advanced object segmentation and object filtering capabilities. Download

Recent publication using DiaTrack: A.Robert et al. Bright photoactivatable fluorophores for single-molecule imaging. Nature Methods, 2017

"We have tested DT 3.0 on our data from single molecule experiments of molecular motors acting on DNA. In this case, we had 3000 frames of 250 by 500 pixels, containing about 50 particles. The resulting traces were accurate to at least 1/500 of a pixel. I am absolutely amazed with the speed and precision."

Prof. Antoine van Oijen